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Global Carbon budget to 2100 may be depleted by 2034

In the next two decades, the world would exceed the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change- (IPCC-) established carbon budget, limiting global warming to 2 °C by 2100, the latest PwC Low Carbon Economy Index revealed on Monday.

Despite a rapid move to adopt renewable energy worldwide, efforts to ease the use of fossil fuels and initiatives to limit the amount of energy-related carbon emitted per unit of gross domestic product (GDP) needed to contain global warming to 2 °C over the next 89 years, the surface temperature would most likely rise by 4 °C on average by 2100.

The world’s energy mix remained dominated by fossil fuels, with reductions in carbon intensity globally averaging 0.7% a year over the last five years. This was well below the 2008 calculations of 3.5% a year – required to maintain growth without warming the planet more than 2°C – and a fraction of the recalculated reductions of 6% a year now required to 2100. Read on Engineering News >

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