You make my work possible.


Dear rebel,

My name is Clara, and I’m a fellow rebel from Ponferrada, Spain.

At the end of 2019, COP25 was unfolding 400 kilometers from me in Madrid. My heart broke as I watched government delegations come and go without committing to any meaningful change.

That’s when I first learned of Extinction Rebellion. XR gave me something I had been in short supply of: hope. I read about all these rebels boldly charting a course away from business-as-usual, and I knew: I had found my people.

That’s why I joined Global Support. Here in the Media & Messaging team, we amplify XR stories on different platforms, like social media, newsletter, blog, our global media library, and the press.

It’s a little surreal – in the best way possible – to realize that now, people around the world are hearing about XR for the first time because of my work.

But it’s not just me. What we’re creating – a global movement with a global media presence – would not be possible without all the incomparable rebels that I work with.

Every day, my team members and I are exchanging messages and hopping on calls – via Global Support’s secure tech platforms, of course – to craft new ways to tell XR’s story.

With your support, we can pay to keep our website and tech services live, and help fellow rebel volunteers cover basic expenses.

I am so grateful for any amount that you can spare: you make my work possible.

Love & rage

Clara, XR Global Support

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