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[Event[Event: Mobilising for the September 25th Global Day of Climate Action

Dear Colleagues and Comrades, 

Young people leading the call for climate justice across the world have called on us to rise with them for a Global Day of Climate Action on September 25th. In response, the Climate Justice Coalition is working to help mobilise and coordinate some efforts across South Africa, while recognising we don't have the mandate or capacity to coordinate all national efforts.
This Wednesday the 9th at 3pm we are inviting civil society formations to join as we discuss plans for the day of action. If you are interested in joining that discussion, there are more details here. The aim is to discuss the different actions that people are planning across the country and how we can work together. We also hope, thanks to Amandla.Mobi, that soon we will have a map where organisers can register events, and people can sign up to join them and get updates.  
One of the main mobilisations that the Climate Justice Coalition is working on is a socially distant march in Tshwane tentatively titled the March for Climate, Jobs and a Just Recovery. We're aiming to take our demands for climate justice to the Union Buildings, the Department of Mineral Resources and Energy, and the Minister of Finance's Office. There are more details at the Facebook event here and I've attached some posters. If you're interested in getting involved and helping organise, please do get in touch. 
In solidarity,

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