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Draft Climate Justice Charter

The attached was adopted at a conference last week involving labour, faith, youth, students, environmental justice, social justice, climate scientists and academics committed to climate justice.


It comes out of 5 years of food sovereignty campaigning and this process seeks to build a mass based response to the climate crisis.


This media clip puts it into perspective:


The attached is open for comment till 1st May 2020.


We look forward to your input


Solidarity Vish

COPAC Board Chairperson

Food Sovereignty Activist




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  • May I congratulate you on what I think is a wonderful piece of work. Forward thinking and spot on. I would like to make a small suggestion that I would love to see added to this document if it is at all possible.

    I have recently pitched a proposal to a company to “donate” a piece of land to me and my team that they consider “useless” because it has no municipal bilk services designated to it. It suits me perfectly because I have a very unique design concept for a multi use development that is completely off the grid regarding bulk services and it includes growing our own food on the same land that will service the hotel section of the development. So the company that I pitched to also has another piece of land that is 85 hectares that they said I could develop with them using all my IP initiatives if the first one is successful. They are open to it being a showcase that keeps climate change, conservation and food security issues top of mind. That second piece of land also has no bulk services available from the municipality.

    Securing that piece of land is my great desire because my ultimate objective is to use a portion of the land as a Community Village Housing Development for the staff and families of the people who work on my projects.That is my great aim. This way we can transfer skills, knowledge and know how that will enable them to grow in order to feed their families off the property and also use some of the produce to sell through a cooperative that I will help them establish and operate. This way they become more economically active by increasing their earning ability. This way we can ensure that we have a Waldorf type of schooling model for all preschool children of our staff and ensure that they are fed daily and are safe while being educated on the same property.

    What I would like to see is that Government should partner with us and subsidies the housing as per their RDP initiative but we use our own materials and solar water and solar electricity and grey water methodology to make it a GREEN VILLAGE initiative. The same should apply to supporting the pre-school using ALL existing funding available but again allowing us to build it using GREEN tech and assisting companies like mine with the necessary agro-processing technology and funding as well as making policies that will enable us to use the community nurses attached to or employed by the Municipalities who can visit our “school” on a regular basis to administer vaccinations etc.
    A long story to say that I would like you to somehow include a section in your Charter that will ensure Governments commitment to support GREEN sustainable projects by committing to sett up a directive of sorts that GREEN Project developers like myself can access for innovative climate change sensitive developments that also ensure food security and the “joy of living principles” life styles by channeling their existing programs ( and there are many) for use in this manner as well.

    I don’t know if this makes any sense but please don’t hesitate to contact me for more clarity if you are interested.

    Thank you for the wonderful work you and your team are doing.
    Kind regards

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