British Columbia’s 3 law schools, plus West Coast Environmental Law, are co-hosting a series of 4 webinars on climate change litigation against fossil fuel companies. This four part series be one of the most detailed dives into the legal and social dimensions of possible climate damages lawsuits in Canada, and includes many of the top experts in the field from Canada, the U.S. and beyond.


A full description of all 4 panels and panelists can be found at, but here are the dates and descriptions. All webinars are at noon Pacific Time.


·         Crossing the Threshold: Challenges, Opportunities and Legal Theories (November 6)

·         Connecting the Dots: Attribution and Quantification of Climate Harms (November 9)

·         Sharing the Burden: Determination of Fossil Fuel Companies' Fair Shares (November 16)

·         Putting it Together: Implications for Investors, Lenders, Insurers, Markets, Campaigners and More (November 23)


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