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Technology: New carbon tax analytics system launched


Technology: New carbon tax analytics system launched

Technology company EDS Systems has launched a carbon tax analytics solution called EcoGauge. An Engineering News report notes that this locally designed tool assists organisations with the monitoring and management of their carbon emissions, to ultimately help reduce the administrative burden of compliance measurement and reporting, as well as carbon tax liabilities. EDS says the solution helps to remove the complexity inherent in greenhouse-gas (GHG) reporting, as well as providing a near real-time view on GHG emissions and the effect of a manufacturing process change. EcoGauge is a cloud-based system that can instantaneously generate a report by simply plugging in product usage or process data. The report can even classify emissions by source and calculate liability in terms of the Carbon Tax Act. ‘Our solution provides businesses with visibility of carbon emissions across the entire organisation. Once the tax liability status has been determined, the tool calculates a carbon tax liability amount, taking into consideration any allowance reductions,’ said EDS business development head Eckart Zollner.

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