Paarl Post, 1 July 2010

THE Drakenstein Municipality has developed a Green Building Manual that will be used as an awareness campaign for the next 12 months for all new buildings, additions to buildings and new developments within the Drakenstein area…

This manual will be made available to planning consultants, developers, architects and other related professions for consideration with regard to planning and building matters.

Rapid urbanisation is contributing to a growing demand for energy in the Drakenstein municipal area and there is an urgent need to reduce the energy and other resources consumed in the construction and use of buildings, as well as to improve the efficiency of urban planning, said a municipal spokesperson.

The Green Building Manual is based on the incorporation of principles of sustainability into the lifecycle of buildings, namely site selection phase, design phase, construction phase and demolition phase.

The aim of the Green Building Manual is to provide guidelines on energy efficiency during the various phases of the lifecycle of buildings, by minimising the negative environmental impacts of the built environment and maximising the positive social and economic impacts.

Many sustainable interventions can save money through lower water and electricity bills, less maintenance and the improved health of inhabitants.

The Department Planning Services was requested to investigate energy efficient methods, proposals and guidelines for all new buildings, additions to structures and new developments within the Drakenstein area.

Research on energy efficiency revealed that the subject entails a broad and specialised field, including water, energy, transport, recycling and green buildings.

As the focus for energy efficiency was aimed at buildings and new developments, it was considered appropriate to compile a manual for “Green Buildings” within the Drakenstein municipal area.