Net Metering in Tshwane – South Africa

SAAEA 24 October 2012.

You may be interested either as a resident, business or as an interested party in the City of Tshwane’s proposal to install prepaid metres throughout the city replacing existing metres. The short term financial costs to be borne by landowners and businesses to install these metres is one issue. A much larger issue is whether these supposedly smart meters will allow reverse feed to the grid. Or will this programme delay net metering a few more years.

Since these public consultation meetings are not well promoted the meetings are typically poorly attended. If you have an interest in opening up options for renewable energy solutions please make an effort to attend one of these meetings and tell everyone you know to attend. If enough people attend and sufficient interest is shown by the public the CoT might listen.

The City of Tshwane added a notice to their website yesterday regarding the consultation process of the Electricity By-law on the roll-out of prepayment meters. Meetings will be held at 09:00 on the 27th October

2012 see link below for more details of meeting venues and to check for possible changes to dates or times.


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