Nersa probes single tariff for all cities

Business Day Live 15 November 2012.

CAPE TOWN — The National Energy Regulator of SA (Nersa) is considering a project to harmonise the differing electricity tariffs charged by municipalities around the country.

This move follows an outcry by business about the devastating effects of the high electricity tariffs charged by Eskom and municipalities, which they said were causing firms to close down. The regulator is considering Eskom’s application for tariff increases of 16% a year over the next five years.

According to data from the Energy Intensive Users Group, Tshwane imposed increases of 703% on top of Eskom’s megaflex rate in 2010-11 and 692% in 2011-12. Johannesburg imposed increases of 688% and 702% and Nelson Mandela Bay 541% and 548%…

(Editor’s note: About time too! This will put the cat amongst the pigeons and our municipal rates will go up, but that’s OK and how it should be. I  think the Free Basic Electricity Policy and the Free Basic Alternate Energy Policy should be harmonised and enforced as well.)

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