Legislating SA’s carbon tax is on the backburner

Business Day Live 19 November 2012.

DELAYS in implementing a South African carbon tax could cost South Africa’s international trade, especially with its major trading partner, the European Union (EU), says the Treasury’s chief director of economic tax analysis, Cecil Morden.

It is possible the Treasury will delay until the beginning of next year the release of a second discussion document on what a South African carbon tax will look like, which public sector environmental policy expert Crispian Olver says could put implementation of this tax back as far as 2015.

Mr Olver says the Treasury is aware “some territories like the EU are making noises about trading with places that don’t price carbon.”

The business community has been waiting for this second document so that it can get a clearer idea of what the carbon tax will look like, and plan for it. Carbon has become the catchword for all greenhouse gases…

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