Idasa and the eThekwini Municipality 14 November 2011.

Re: Invitation to conference on “Africans Dealing with Climate Change: Citizens Approach to COP17”

Idasa and the eThekwini Municipality have the pleasure to invite you to a conference titled “Africans Dealing with Climate Change: Citizens Approach to COP17.” The conference will be held at the Diakonia Centre in Durban on the 28th and 29th November 2011.

The conference, which will include a conversation between Kumi Naidoo of Greenpeace and Richard Calland of IDASA and a presentation by African negotiators on key African positions on climate change, will focus on three areas of IDASA’s interest which have featured strongly in conversations leading to the conference.

1. The Political Economy of Climate Change in Africa
2. Climate Governance and Local Participation
3. Migration and Climate Change

Over the past ten years, Idasa has been working with citizens and smallholder farmers in more than 26
countries across Africa in projects aimed at strengthening the voice of citizens and their participation in
public policy. This work supports the democratisation of governance together with citizens, governments, public institutions and regional governance structures.

Idasa’s partner, eThekwini Municipality, has been recognised as having “South Africa’s best ecosystem of local government environment projects” for its Water and Sanitation Programme. The city has also received recognition for its use of ventilated urine diversion toilets, the Providing Debt Relief Projects, its Multi-Point Plan to Address Air Quality and the Orange Bag Domestic Recycling Project. The municipality has also received recognition from the UN Public Service Awards for these projects.

If you are able to attend the conference, please RSVP Hakima Haithar at the following e-mail address: by the 22nd November 2011.

Invitation letter
Africans Dealing with Climate Change Citizens Approach to COP17
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