Gas Bubble Leaking, About to Burst

Richard Heinberg 12 November 2012

The US Presidential election campaign served up much in the way of promises but worryingly little in the way of energy and climate reality. For this month’s Museletter I’ve included three pieces I wrote as the campaign wrapped up — the last of the three is intended as tongue in cheek humor. I would also invite you to read an op-ed which I co-authored with Tom Butler that appeared in the Christian Science Monitor.

Download printable PDF version here (PDF, 105 KB)

Gas Bubble Leaking, About to Burst

Gas rig at sunset

For the past three or four years media sources in the U.S. trumpeted the “game-changing” new stream of natural gas coming from tight shale deposits produced with the technologies of horizontal drilling and hydrofracturing. So much gas surged from wells in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Pennsylvania that the U.S. Department of Energy, presidential candidates, and the companies working in these plays all agreed: America can look forward to a hundred years of cheap, abundant gas!

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