EGI South Africa holds electricity pricing workshop at crucial moment

Electricity Governance Initiative 15 November 2012.

By Sarah Martin on Thursday, November 15, 2012

Energy choices affect energy prices

Over the last 3 years, electricity prices in South Africa have virtually doubled, and after a new request from Eskom announced on October 22, prices will likely increase further by 16% per year over the next 5 years. These increases have, expectedly, raised consumer concerns.

As South Africa’s electricity sector undergoes changes leading to massive tariff increases, it will be important for consumers to understand why these increases are occurring, what choices were made that are leading to price increases, and for participatory processes to take place in electricity tariff decision-making. EGI-South Africa’s (EGI-SA) workshop on “Developing an understanding of the links between energy choices and energy prices” aimed to do just that by addressing questions such as “why prices are prices raising so steeply?”, “and what are more affordable options?” and by providing tools that will build civil society capacity in this space…

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