CSP Today magazine advertorial October 2010.

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South Africa’s solar horizon: Navigate
the IPP market to build a successful &
productive CSP business in South Africa
• South Africa’s CSP status: Get updates on how to align your CSP
technology with South Africa’s incentives & pricing to win RFPs for your
• CSP technology tutorial: Evaluate cost vs efficiency, storage capability
and South African adoption from trough to tower and beyond to get the
best technology for your project
• Long term IPP success: Formulate your business plan to power into
Phase II , use success stories and meet the buyers to get your project
license in a competitive market place
• Localising your project: Streamline your CSP procurement through
effective partnerships and local sourcing to meet requirements and
grow a domestic market
• International lessons learned: Global CSP market on South Africa’s
doorstep: Journey the CSP plants of the world and get exclusive access
to critical data from development to commissioning and beyond
• Securing project finance: Get financed fast! Prove CSP’s bankability
to your investors and the world to compete for the cash with other