Engineering News 13 November 2012.

BEIJING – The pace of nuclear project approvals will be slower in the next few years as China seeks to allay safety concerns in the wake of Japan’s Fukushima crisis, but commitment to the sector remained undimmed, the head of the country’s biggest nuclear firm said.

Sun Qin, the chairperson of the State-owned China National Nuclear Corporation, said development was at an early stage and setbacks were unavoidable, but nuclear power remained an essential component of China’s energy strategy and the industry needed to do more to persuade the public of its virtues.

“There will be problems here and problems there but finally the world will have to depend on nuclear energy – it won’t be today’s nuclear energy, but something like fusion, but we first need to learn,” he said on the sidelines of China’s Communist Party Congress in Beijing, late on Monday.

It was not technology or finance now holding back the sector in China, but the need to gain public acceptance, he added…

(Editor’s note: A great idea, let’s learn in China and avoid lots of new coal plants over there!)

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