Parliamentary Monitoring Group 20 October 2010.


The presentation included a summary of the budgeted amount and expenditure to date of each of the Department’s programmes.  The delays experienced with the Transnet Pipeline project had been resolved and the quarterly payment to Transnet was being processed.  Details of the organisational structure of the Department and the cost-saving measures introduced were provided. A total of 458 posts had been filled in the preceding six months and only 73 vacant positions remained.  Of the approved 925 positions, 531 positions were funded and 394 were unfunded.  To date, 298 applications for the licensing of petroleum products were processed.

120,000 solar heating units were installed.  The solar water heating programme aimed to install 5 million units by 2019.

PMG DOE presentation incl SWH 2010.10.20 (1.7 MB PowerPoint)