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Energy: SA has an electricity crisis – Zille

Legalbrief, 16 April, 2019.

Energy: SA has an electricity crisis – Zille

Western Cape Premier Helen Zille did not mince her words while speaking about the national electricity situation at the Electricity Summit in Cape Town yesterday. According to a TimesLIVE report, she said ‘we have a crisis’. ‘It is anything but under control, and the most important thing that we have to do is convey honest information to people about where we stand.’ Industry experts discussed ways to address the electricity crisis in SA that worsened between 14 March and 23 March when stage 4 load-shedding was put in place. The event brought together members of the Western Cape provincial government, the public and the industry, notably Eskom. Multiple speakers recommended it be privatised or dissolved altogether. ‘The entity is too big, too complex, too staid in its own way,’ said Lauren Hermanus, representing Power Futures South Africa. ‘My advisers tell me that Eskom is unsavable,’ Zille added. SA ranked second to last of 115 countries in the Effective Energy Transitions Index of 2018, which evaluates energy affordability and sustainability. The summit focused on the need to adopt and invest in renewable energy, described as more affordable and sustainable. Lester said that Eskom would have to gradually shift its strategy in order to help rebuild SA’s power capacity in the future.

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