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URGENT: Consultation Paper – NERSA process Registration of < 1MW SSEG

It appears that NERSA has advertised the rules for SSEGs under 1MW to register with NERSA -so called for comment – during December 2018, although this is contrary to accepted public participation practice to advertise any draft legislation over the summer shut down.

See the `Consultation Paper’ attached.
The paper states that it was published on 16 December with 30 Days to comment. However it gives a closing date of 3 January.

Note that SSEG is defined as: *Small-Scale Embedded Generator **(SSEG) means a customer that operates a generation facility of < 1 MW and connected at low voltage to a public Distribution System, who is entitled to a Licence Exemption according to clause 2.1, 2.2, 2.3 of the Department of Energy Licensing Exemption and Registration Notice*. The clauses 2.1,2.2 &2.3 include grid tied and non- grid tied. A disturbing clause in 2.1 and 2.2 of the quoted Energy Licensing Exemption & Registration Notice of November 2017 is *“ As at the date on which the connection and user of system agreement is entered into or the approval is obtained, the Minister has not published a notice in the GG stating that the amount of MW allocated in the IRP for embedded generation of this nature has been reached.*”
*Reasons to register with NERSA include:*
*3.1 The orderly development of the electricity infrastructure in South Africa;*
*3.2 Safety and industry integrity; and*
*3.3 Emergency response*
Of these only 3.1 has relevance to NERSA as the rest are the responsibility of the Local Authority or ESKOM where it is the Distributor.
NERSA proposes a costing for registration as follows:
Total cost per application: R200.00
Emailed applications and approvals would be more efficient and reliable than post.

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