Eskom in 3-year research project to test ten Nissan electric Leafs

Engineering News 29 May 2013.

Nissan South Africa (SA) on Tuesday announced a three-year research project with Eskom that will see the electricity utility test the usage patterns and requirements of the Leaf electric vehicle (EV), as well as its impact on the national power grid.

(Contributor’s note: Very strange, why Eskom, it should be SANEDI surely? What have Eskom to do with deciding on EV charging tariffs, that is NERSA’s job. I hope the costs of this three year project don’t form part of Eskom’s overheads. Nice for Avis too – what happened to the tender process? Why the exclusive to Nissan – what about the other EV manufacturers? How do the Leaf’s costs and subsidies compare to the Joule’s?).

The project comes ahead of Nissan SA’s rollout of the Leaf to the local market later this year, when it will become South Africa’s first commercially available all-electric vehicle.

The partnership with Eskom also follows pilot programmes with the Department of Environmental Affairs and the Technology Innovation Agency to create public awareness, and ultimately, commercially viable infrastructure for the use of EVs in South Africa…


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