Planned power cuts for Ekurhuleni

 Sapa | 3rd June 2013 | Engineering News

Ekurhuleni residents could be in for power cuts because of the increased demand on electricity, the municipality said on Sunday.

“We are advising consumers to use electricity wisely by taking practical steps like switching geysers off during peak hours, switching off lights in rooms that are not occupied, [and] using gas heaters instead of electric ones…,” spokesman Sam Modiba said in a statement.

“During scheduled load shedding, parts of the network are switched off according to a predetermined schedule, with the impact spread equitably over the customer base,” he said

A schedule of these power cuts was on the municipality’s website and would allow for people to plan.

Modiba said in exceptional circumstances there could be additional, emergency power cuts, which would be less predictable.

Click here to download the schedule for your area.


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