Medupi deadline will not change – Gigaba

Engineering News 15 March 2013.

The December 2013 deadline for the Medupi power station to start delivering power will not change, Public Enterprises Minister Malusi Gigaba said on Friday.

“For now, having received the detailed technical plans from the primary contractors in regards to what they must do to meet the December deadline — which I am adamant will not be changed without strict penalties being imposed on the contractors should they fail to meet their obligations –I am unprepared to accept any review for the delivery schedule,” Gigaba said.

He said Eskom simply had to do more and better to manage the contractors and the project itself…

(Comment: As any project manager knows, the completion date of a project is a function of resource availability and the quality of the work and materials. If there are problems with the project, such as strikes, and the resources are not increased or the quality is not reduced, then the project completion date will slip – regardless of how loudly anyone shouts. Seeing as we can’t afford delays or worsening the quality of the project, more resources should be made available – later we can fight about who pays for the extra resources.)


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