Koeberg back on line

Business Report 30 November 2012.

Johannesburg – Unplanned outages eased to 3 395 Megawatts (MW) on November 29 from 5 056MW on November 26 after Koeberg unit 2 was synchronised to the national grid in the early hours of November 26‚ after completing its planned refuelling‚ maintenance and inspection outage on schedule. The unit was taken offline on September 7‚ Eskom said in its 93rd system status bulletin…

(Editor’s note: Nuclear plants boast of being very reliable base load generators with high capacity factors. And here we have 900 MW offline for 80 days! Koeberg’s 3 year availability factor is 83%, see I wonder if the wind ever stops blowing for 80 days continously? Perhaps we should back up Koeberg with wind and solar? :))

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