Eskom repurposing and social plans for shutting down Eskom stations


Dear Stakeholder,


During the 10 July 2020 Organisations Key Stakeholders Meeting we received a request from the organisations for the following action items:


1.Details of the Grootvlei Power Station's Repurposing Study and stakeholder engagement process currently being undertaken, how to participate;

2. Details of the engagement process related to the development of Social Plans for power stations shutting down by 2030. 


We herewith provide stakeholders and meeting participants with the requested information:


1.  Repurposing Study Details


The Repurposing RFI's are available for public review and comment until the following dates:

  • PSCED0286- HENDRINA – Closing date: 19 August 2020 @ 10h00
  • PSCED0287- KOMATI – Closing date :  20 August 2020 @ 10h00
  • PSCED0288 – CAMDEN – Closing date 21 August 2020 @ 10h00
  • PSCED0289 – GROOTVLEI – Closing date: 21 August 2020 @ 10h00

The RFI’s together with all clarifications thus far can be found on the Eskom Tender Bulletin:


You can use the following numbers to search for the documents:

  • PSCED0286 for Hendrina’s RFI document
  • PSCED0287 for Koma  ’s RFI document
  • PSCED0288 for Camden’s RFI document
  • PSCED0289 for Grootvlei’s RFI document

Interested parties can also contact the Procurement Manager, Lunga Manci, if there are any issues.


Grootvlei Power Station Contact Person driving the Repurposing Studies Process:


Thabo Montja,

Alternatively, you can contact Grootvlei Power Station General Manager, Lourence Chauke by sending an email to and


2. Social Plans for stations shutting down by 2030


Details will be provided in the application's updated Issues and Response Report (IRR). The updated IRR will be made available on the Naledzi website once the final application documents are submitted to the National Air Quality Officer. I&APs will be notified once the documents are available.


Please note that the minutes of the meeting will be available soon.



Marissa Botha

Naledzi Environmental Consultants Pty Ltd

1 Oudekraal Estate, 95 Hamerkop Street, Thabazimbi, 0387


Cell: 084 226 5584


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