Eskom pursues new buy-backs to create summer-maintenance cushion

Engineering News 30 November 2012.

Electricity utility Eskom reports that it is in the process of finalising various demand- and supply-side agreements, including a new round of power buy-backs, to create a cushion for it to “catch-up” with its maintenance programme, which was affected by lower supplies from Cahora Bassa, in Mozambique, between August and November.

It is seeking an additional 600 MW to 1 000 MW of demand- and supply-side options over the coming six months, notwithstanding the lower-than-anticipated demand environment…

(Editor’s note: That is pathetic! We are in a recession, manufacturers are cutting back anyway and Eskom is paying them not use electricity! This is instead of aggressively pursuing demand side management and energy efficiency measures. Rather spend money on these than pay companies not to consume!)

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