Eskom MES Postponement/Suspension Application – Health based Cost Benefit Analysis

With acknowledgments to CER:
As a supporting document to Eskom’s latest MES postponement/suspension application, please see attached Annexure C – Health impact focused cost benefit analyses, conducted by Prime Africa consultants. 51 pages.

At first glance:

The scenarios evaluated in this study (against the baseline) included:
*1. Full compliance with new plant standards (FC) (Scenario 1 (Sc1))*
2. Eskom Emission Reduction Plan (ERP) (Scenario 2 (S2))
3. ERP + FGD at Kendal and Matimba (Scenario 3 (S3))
4. *ERP + Early decommissioning (ED) of Komati, Hendrina and Grootvlei (Scenario 4 (S4))*


Health benefits associated with each scenario were calculated against the baseline that assumed no new abatement technologies would be installed, and all plants would continue to emit air pollution at their current rates until decommissioning. *The scenario with the highest health benefits was ERP+ED (S4),* *highlighting the immediate results achievable if early decommissioning of power plants can be achieved*. The ERP+ED (S4) is estimated to result in health benefits with a NPV that varied between R 3.4 billion and R 30.1 billion. *The FC (S1) had the next highest health benefits with a NPV that varied between R 2.5 billion and R 22.1 billion*.

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