Environment Digest March 2019 Shedding Light on Eskom’s Unbundling

Environment Digest March 2019 Shedding Light on Eskom’s Unbundling 
Eskom is the largest producer of electricity on the African continent, and is amongst the world’s top utilities in terms of power generation capacity. It owns and operates a number of coal-fired, gas-fired, hydro-electric and pumped-storage power stations, and one nuclear power station. 
Through these it generates, transmits and distributes electricity to millions of customers in the industrial, mining, commercial, agricultural and residential sectors. Eskom distributes electricity both directly to its consumers, and indirectly through redistribution centres such as municipalities and retailers. The utility plays a central role in South Africa’s economic growth and development by helping to create and maintain jobs in various sectors of the economy, enabling businesses to grow, and improving basic public services. 

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