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Nuclear energy is too expensive to compete, independent economist argues (USA) July 17, 2013.

America’s fleet of aging nuclear power plants is rapidly becoming uneconomical to operate, argues a leading consumer advocate in a new report predicting the end of the nuclear era.

Mark Cooper, an independent economist and senior fellow for economic analysis at theVermont Law School Institute for Energy and the Environment, bases his argument on another decade of continuing low natural gas prices to give new gas-fired power plants enough of an edge to squeeze out older nuclear plants already beset with rising maintenance costs…

(Contributor’s note: I hope that doesn’t present South Africa with a choice between fracking and nuclear!  It needn’t, because it will be far quicker to import natural gas from Mozambique by pipeline and LNG from East Africa and elsewhere by ship – fracking will take a decade plus lots of infrastructure before it is usable in SA. PetorSA’s proposed LNG import facility is a sign the government’s thinking on natural gas is changing.)


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  • Energy efficiency is also far quicker AND far cheaper AND creates more jobs. Our building standards still allow – commercial and residential buildings to use 10 times as much energy as buildings in Europe. Wealthy households still do not feel the pinch – where are the Solar Water Heaters on such residences? The only places you see many SWHs are in townships. Wake up and do your part guys!

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