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New road map proposes possible incentives for locally made electric vehicles

Urban Earth 9 May 2013.

(Contributor’s note: This could have been titled “Who killed the Joule and why?” It remains a mystery why our government chose to keep on much of our nuclear skills, through NECSA, after killing the R9 billion PBMR project and yet happily let the Joule local manufacturing capability die after investing a few hundred million onto it. And now are planning to support Nissan and its Leaf instead. I think that either our powers that be are not thinking things through properly or there is something fishy going on.)

The government will reimburse manufacturers of electric vehicles 35% of their productions cost over a period of three years, should the proposed Department of Trade and Industry’s Electronic Vehicle Industry Road Map (EVIRM) be approved by Cabinet. Producers will have to locally produce a minimum of 5,000 electric cars in order to qualify for the proposed rebate…


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