Department of Energy Annual Report 2012

PMG 30 October 2012.

Date of Meeting:

30 Oct 2012


Mr F Adams (ANC, Western Cape)


The Department of Energy (DoE) briefed Members on its Annual Report and Financial Statements 2011/12. The report comprised key focus areas for 2011/12 – provision of human resource and auxiliary support services, legal support services to the Ministry and the Department; and communication and knowledge management support services. It also included performance against targets, and challenges such as the industry’s reluctance to provide data to the Department, human resource challenges internally, unplanned refinery outages and impact on personnel, quality management system issues, and resistance to change in the industry.

Members raised many concerns, including the fact that the Department had only met 46% of targets. It had failed to meet the target to cushion the poor from the increasing tariffs, causing Members to worry that the increase would make the poor poorer.

Members rescheduled the meeting to the following Friday due to time constraints. Since they would be going to Johannesburg the following week to take part in ‘Bringing Parliament to the People’, they would schedule a meeting with the Department there.

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