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Where is the finalised IRP?

In line with promoting renewables in SA, the South African Wind Energy Association (SAWEA) is making an urgent call for the release of the finalised Integrated Resource Plan (IRP). This is in order to ‘create the certainty required to attract foreign investment’. According to an Engineering Newsreport, the draft IRP was tabled for public comment in August 2018 and an updated version was issued in March 2019. As it stands, the IRP outlines coal-fired energy supplying 46% of SA’s energy mix by 2030, with further decommissioning of coal generation up until 2050. The supply of power met by solar, hydropower and wind sources is set to increase as a proportion of the country’s total energy generation capacity. Pressure for the release of the IRP is mounting across all energy technologies, SAWEA policy and markets, working group head Ben Brimble said, adding that this is ‘perfectly understandable’ as this document provides a clear technology investment roadmap, which is essential to investor certainty. During his second State of the Nation Address this year, on 20 June, President Cyril Ramaphosa emphasised that SA had the opportunity to take the lead on low-carbon industrialisation and green growth. ‘Ramaphosa’s very positive tone has not yet filtered down to concrete decisions with regard to policy, so we continue to wait on the National Economic Development and Labour Council and hope for a green light soon,’ Brimble noted.

Full Engineering News report

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