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17 September 2013, Johannesburg:Solar PV Project Development Experiences & Lessons Learnt

Sunlight is, clearly, Africa’s most abundant natural resource and the continent’s steady progress towards adopting solar power is driven by a variety of factors, such as the increasing cost of fossil fuels and the challenges in reaching those consumers who are not connected to its electricity grids.

Although reliant on sunlight, which is a free resource, solar power requires investment in the infrastructure which, in turn, is required to generate energy. It also requires robust project development practices to ensure quick, efficient deployment of solar technologies, cost effectiveness, profitability and bankability.

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18 September 2013, Cape Town: Providing Gas to poor households in Greater Cape Town

SANEA recently recognised these efforts and KayaGas (Pty) Ltd walked away with the SANEA Energy Project Award for 2013.

Our operations in Cape Town supplies about 125 000 poor households in Greater Cape Town and touches the lives of half a million Cape Townians each day and giving them access to a modern, safe and cost effective thermal fuel.

It also addresses governments policy objectives by:

  • Helping deal with energy poverty in urban and peri-urban settlements.
  • Reducing pressure on the electricity grid, and reduces capital send to expand generating capacity by supplying a fuel that is cheaper than electricity and far less capital intensive.
  • Reduces the carbon footprint and improves air quality versus either paraffin or coal generated electricity.

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