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Upcoming Energy Caucus: 31 July &1 August, 2013

Please send any comments or info you have to presenters indicated by Friday July 26th latest to brenda@90×

Draft Programme outline for Energy Caucus: 31 July and 1 August, 2013
VENUE: Novalis Institute, Rosmead Avenue, Kenilworth
TIME: 9am to 5pm

Day 1: taking stock, identifying key opportunities for collective action

Session 1

Welcome, introductions, adoption of the agenda. Proposed chair for the day: Brenda Martin – 45 minutes.

Session 2

Status reports: Prior work is being done by various people to collect this information in advance and present findings at the meeting. Any inputs to be sent by Friday July 26th to presenters indicated below.

1. Policy landscape – what policies are currently on the table, due for enactment, revision, etc that relate to Energy. The idea here is to ensure we are prepared for engaging with all pending policies and see where we may be lacking in preparedness. Presenter: Jesse Burton (ERC) – 10 minutes

Questions of clarity, additions, comments – 5 minutes

2. Report landscape – recent reports produced that relate to energy and which are now in the public domain that are relevant to our deliberations – national in particular, but also international e.g. REN21, 2013. The idea here is that we would be able to take stock of existing work, use what we have, identify gaps and needs for further research. Presenter: Happy Khambule (Project 90) – 10 minutes

Questions of clarity, additions, comments – 5 minutes

3. Communications strategy landscape – starting with what the organisations that have confirmed attendance of the caucus have planned, but also looking beyond that at existing strategies other organisations have already committed to that relate to issues of pro-Renewables & anti- coal & nuclear. The idea here is that we would be able to stock of (as best we can) existing strategies, seek to identify potential synergies/gaps and consider what a possible energy caucus comms strategy might look like over the next 9 months to 1 year. This would be presented at the meeting on 31 July and discussed. Resources can only be committed to this work happening in the short term and are dependent on what we have available in existing budget. Any long term work would need to be fundraised for still. Presenter: Mike Kantey (CANE) – 15 minutes [a questionnaire has been circulated via this list, please send along responses or just outlines of what your organisations have planned, to henning@90× if you have not already done so]

Questions of clarity, additions, comments – 10 minutes

Session 3

Key themes for discussion prior to development of specific strategies

1. Scenarios for supply & demand – choices, trade-offs, economics etc. Robert Fischer and Richard Worthington are working on this together and will be in touch with others for contributions before the caucus. Presenter: Robert/Richard – 20 minutes.

Questions of clarity, additions, comments – 10 minutes

Break for tea

2. Jobs – RE, EE, compared to Coal & Nuclear etc. Jesse Burton & Gray Maguire are working on this together, with Million climate jobs and others consulted before the caucus. Presenter: tbc – 20 minutes

Questions of clarity, additions, comments – 10 minutes

3. Rights issues – access to services, transparency, procurement, land, Nukes sites, health, constitution etc. Yvette is taking the lead on preparing in advance for this and consult with others before the caucus. Presenter: Yvette Abrahams – 30 minutes

Questions of clarity, additions, comments – 15 minutes

Break for lunch

Session 3 continued

4. Existing RE policy implementation problems e.g. REIPPP, FIT… that need specific attention.
Presenter: Holle Wlokas Energy Poverty & Development Group, ERC   – 20 minutes

Questions of clarity, additions, comments – 10 minutes

Session 4

Getting started on Strategy development

Small group & plenary work for 2 hours; the aim here is to identify emerging key themes for agreed collective action that can inform day 2’s programme. Brenda Martin to facilitate.

16h30: Wrap-up, confirmation of proposed outline for day 2, Close of the day: Brenda Martin

Day 2: Concrete plans for action

9am: Adoption of the agenda confirmation of proposed chair for the day: tbi – 15 minutes

9.15am: Smaller thematic working groups based on the agreed emerging key themes for action from session 4.

11.30am:  All groups to report back in plenary – 1 hour 45 minutes for plenary report-back & agreements on next steps

13h15: Break for lunch

The afternoon will be open to the public. Here specific campaigns can be shared via methods still to be clarified e.g. ‘open mike’, exhibit space, world café’s etc. Ideas welcomed.

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