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The net metering debate: Solar power unfair to the poor says former regulator

Smart Grid News, 18 June, 2014.

Quick Take:  I’ve alerted you before that utilities may have an unlikely ally in the form of advocates for the rights of low-income families. Those groups are often opposed to utilities, or at least to utility rate hikes. In this case, however, they agree with those utilities who feel that the current net metering structure subsidizes high-income families that can afford rooftop solar, while penalizing apartment dwellers and the poor who cannot.

(EGI-SA Ed note: Although this is a US-based article, the same will apply in South Africa unless our regulators put in measure to protect the poorer people.)

 And now here comes a former utility commissioner who agrees. To date, utilities have often been stymied in their attempts to have net metering amended to be more fair. But if regulators are catching on, perhaps the tide will change.  – Jesse Berst

 “The poor shouldn’t have to bear the cost of solar power!” trumpets former utility commissioner Monica Martinez in a recent guest post for the Forbes blog.

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