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Draft Carbon Offset Regulations (under the Carbon Tax Bill) 2018

Government published the Draft Carbon Tax Bill for public comments and further consultation on the 14th of December 2017. The Draft Carbon Tax Bill includes the detailed and revised carbon tax design features as per the 2015 Draft Carbon Tax Bill, the Carbon Tax Policy Paper of 2013, announcements in Budget 2014 and the Carbon Offsets Paper of 2014 and takes into account public comments received following extensive stakeholder consultations since 2011.

The overarching design of the carbon tax is informed by the administrative feasibility and practicality of covering most greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and takes into account the need for a long and smooth transition to a low carbon economy in a sustainable manner. The significantly high level of tax-free allowances, recycling of revenues through a reduction in the electricity generation levy and energy efficiency savings tax incentive, and phased approach to the introduction of the tax will ensure thatSouth Africa’s competitiveness is not compromised and vulnerable households are protected.

Explanatory Note

Carbon Offset Regulations

Revised Offset Regulations

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