Civil Society Energy Efficiency & Demand Side Management

Civil Society Groups Help Make Electricity Affordable and Sustainable

EGI and WRI Sarah Lupberger 25 February 2013.

Worldwide, one out of every five people lacks access to modern electricity. Affordability, quality of service, and social and environmental impacts pose great challenges in providing people with the power they need for lighting, cooking, and other activities. Good governance involving open and inclusive practices is essential to overcoming these pressing obstacles.
Click here to read the full story, “Civil Society Groups Help Make Electricity Affordable and Sustainable”. This blog post is part one of a four-part series, “Improving Electricity Governance,” which explores the key components involved in making electricity decision-making more open, inclusive, and fair.
The series draws on the experiences of WRI’s Electricity Governance Initiative, which are documented in a new report, “Shining a Light on Electricity Governance.”

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