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Webinar: Reaching the Light at the End of the Tunnel: The Coming Resurgence of the Solar Industry

Join this Lux Research webinar on 25th June.

The era of the feed-in tariff is coming to an end, and with it a forced transition for solar energy – from an investment vehicle to a mainstream electricity source. Luckily for manufacturers, there’s also an end in sight to the massive manufacturing oversupply that has plagued module pricing and crushed investor sentiment. However, the flux within the industry also provides a window of opportunity for innovators seeking a spot in the supply chain. With the installation market set to nearly double to 61 GW in 2018, solar stakeholders will have plenty of dollars at their disposal – should they recognize the changing face of the market and strategize accordingly.

This webinar will:

• Examine how to harness the increasingly diverse demand market
• Clarify the continued solar shakeout and shift of competitive power
• Identify technologies and strategies that offer the biggest competitive advantage for stakeholders

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