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Underground coal gasification holds promise – Sipho Nkosi

JOHANNESBURG ( – Underground coal gasification (UCG) holds promise as a future source of energy for South Africa, Exxaro CEO Sipho Nkosi said on Monday.

Nkosi, who hosted a media lunch, told Mining Weekly Online that many companies were investing in UCG, a process of converting coal into gas while it is still underground, or in situ. In some countries, like Canada, UCG is referred to as in situ coal gasification.

In both cases, the process makes use of deep, inaccessible coal that would otherwise remain unused in the ground and is seen as a way of reducing fatalities in coal mining and minimising environmental impact.

The potential is to use the synthetic gas (syngas) that the UCG process provides for the generation of electricity or the production of gas-to-liquids (GTL), chemicals and fertilisers. Read on Engineering News >


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