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Group Five trains itself in nuclear energy affairs

Business Report 30 November 2012.

The energy solutions business of engineering company Group Five has developed a nuclear capability to position it to benefit from the government’s planned nuclear programme.

Group Five is also aiming to diversify the assets in its investments and concessions cluster and expand its footprint beyond only toll roads.

Willie Zeelie, Group Five’s executive for its engineering and construction cluster, said this week the group’s executive had taken a decision that it needed to prepare itself for nuclear power should it happen, although it had not yet made a final decision about progressing to nuclear power.

“We do expect that will happen in the first quarter of next year. The nuclear build we believe is coming,” he said.

Zeelie added that as part of its preparation, it had in June acquired a stake in Lesedi Nuclear Services, which services the Koeberg nuclear power plant. Lesedi is a subsidiary of French nuclear giant Areva…

(Editor’s note: The nuke-man cometh…)

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