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From Grid Defected to Grid Connected

RMI, 6 May, 2014.

RMI’s recent report The Economics of Grid Defection explored the potential for solar-plus-battery systems to reach economic parity with the electric grid. That analysis reached a striking conclusion: solar-plus-battery systems could become cost competitive with purchasing electricity from your utility in several areas around the country much faster and for more customers than traditionally thought. The implication is that customers could choose to become their own power provider.

In fact, a March 2014 Morgan Stanley reportstrongly reinforced that possibility.

Yet the same solar and storage trends that could enable some customers to economically defect from the grid simultaneously unlock exciting prospects for evolving and optimizing our grid-connected electricity system. Far short of cutting the cord, integrating solar-storage hybrids into the grid creates a powerful combination that can maximize value for multiple grid-connected customers and service providers, including solar-storage customers themselves.

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