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Ellis Park could reduce electricity consumption by up to 40%

Ellis Park stadium, which has an electricity bill of just below R400 000 a month, could reduce its electricity consumption by up to 40% by implementing energy efficiency measures, German consulting firm Transsolar Energietechnik CE Professor Volkmar Bleicher said on Thursday.

Improving the energy efficiency of the stadium would decrease its peak energy use from 1 886 kW to 1 124 kW and demand from 1 326 MWh/y to 829 MWh/y, which amounted to reductions of 40% and 37% respectively, he added.

Bleicher was visiting the stadium to carry out an energy audit as part of a project supported by the South Africa German Energy Programme (Sagen), a partnership between the German Development Corporation (GIZ), South Africa’s Department of Energy and the South African National Energy Development Institute. Read on Engineering News >

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