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City of Cape Town launches small scale embedded energy generation guidelines and tariff

Urban Earth, 29 September, 2014.

The City of Cape Town has signed its first two contracts with small scale embedded commercial generator, Black River Park. (Image Source: Jonathan Ramayia)

The City of Cape Town has launched a set of guidelines and associated tariffs for small scale embedded energy generators with a generation capacity of less than 1MVA. Guidelines and tariffs have been compiled for commercial, industrial, and residential generators and are applicable for both renewable energy generation and co-generation. Small scale generators will be permitted to connect to the grid and in so doing be able to both import energy from and export a limited amount of energy onto the City’s grid, which they will be credited for…

(EGI-SA Ed. note: At last, well done CoCT! I do think they could have been a bit more generous and perhaps had different daily service charges depending on your average monthly usage).

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