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Carbon tax policy proposal aligns with international trends.

As South Africa moved to become a carbon-taxed economy by 2015, gaps were emerging in the proposed policy as to how the country would account for its emissions and who would be responsible, says carbon advisory firm Promethium Carbon.

South Africa planned to mitigate its high greenhouse-gas (GHG) emissions by implementing a phased-in tax rate of R120/t of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e), increasing by 10% a year during the first five-year phase.

The recently tabled second and final policy proposal comment paper, titled ‘Reducing greenhouse-gas emissions and facilitating the transition to a green economy’, however, provided no reference to emission accounting, auditing standards, the division of emissions and whether the policy was targeted only for industry, Promethium Carbon director Robbie Louw pointed out. Read on Engineering News >



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