Study: Existing oil, gas, and coal extraction sites need to be closed down to stay within 1.5C, findings show

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The Resources section contains useful and relevant energy-related documents, such as: Government Bills, Acts and Regulations, Eskom and Nersa information, Policy and Strategy documents, policy and strategy documents, PAIA requests and responses, Opeds, Energy-related studies and reports, public participation processes and records, Parliamentary Portfolio Committee records, energy and electricity modeling studies and resources, electricity tariffs, small scale electricity generation (SSEG) information, and who is who in the energy field.

Bills, Acts and Regulations

Setting Ambitious Climate Objectives - A Call To Action - Media event 30 January 2019

Integrated Resource Plan

Integrated Resource Plan 2018 (IRP): public hearings

Bills, Acts and Regulations

Draft Low Greenhouse Gas Emission Development Strategy (LEDS) for your comments

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How to...

The How to section is a collection of notes explaining common energy-related processes and resources, such as how to get information from the government; find out about electricity tariffs, lobbying, writing articles, and other useful guidelines.

Electricity tariffs

How to find out about electricity tariffs

Invitations to comment

How the Public Participation Processes work

Energy Governance SA

How to become part of Energy Governance South Africa (EGSA)

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